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I am Razvan Burz, a senior full-stack software developer, with advanced knowledge of PHP, .NET, and Swift, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I produce new media content for Burzcast™ . I have built some businesses around my core skills. I am also a proud father and husband.

I have more than 15 years in the IT industry. My first job was working at a local computer store during my university studies, back in 2006 and switched exclusively to software in 2009 when the economic crisis hit Romania as the hardware sales drop to the lowest in over 10 years.

Since 2009 I have worked exclusively on software development, building software products for a myriad of vertical industries, built businesses around these skills, and helped over a hundred companies with the projects my teams and I have completed.

I am the Founder and Managing Partner at R Burz & Company and I love playing the infinite game of business and content.

At R BURZ & Company we are currently taking on WordPress, .NET Core/.NET Framework, and PHP projects. Are you ready? Let's talk ▸

Cel mai bun moment pentru tehnologie

Cosmin Tătaru, de la TechTime.ro, a lansat un nou podcast despre tehnologie, iar episodul pilot l-a avut co-host pe Răvazn Burz de la Burzcast. ...

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Avem un nou post #burzcast #podcast. Stii de el? Il gasesti si la https://t.co/N761aaSD47

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Am lansat 89: O zi istorica pentru Apple, episod nou #Burzcast, la https://t.co/nrAAYVqXd4. Auditie placuta!

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89: O zi istorica pentru Apple https://t.co/qA86tmUdVj #burzcast

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Avem un nou post #burzcast #podcast. Stii de el? Il gasesti si la https://t.co/EVdlwc1jul

The Romanian Podcast

Once a week I host a Romanian Podcast, called #Burzcast™ where I invite technologists, managers, journalists, researchers, developers, productivity experts and many, many friends and really cool persons.

I chat with these guests and try to keep the sound and content quality as high as possible.

I am doing the Burzcast™ Podcast for 6 years already and I really love every minute spent in the company of the great guests I have the honor to talk to.

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89: O zi istorica pentru Apple

Am discutat si glumit cu Adrian Boioglu despre ziua istorica pentru Apple. Aceasta data coincide cu evenimentul WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2020, cand Apple a anuntat o schimbare de arhitectura: trecerea tuturor computerelor sale Mac pe Apple Silicon (SoC-uri proprietare bazate pe arhitectura ARM). Am discutat si prezentat si ... go to this episode

88: Un altfel de banking cu Revolut

Am discutat cu Irina Nicoleta Scarlat despre Fintech-ul Revolut. Cati utilizatori are Revolut in Romania, ce produse bancare ofera, prin ce se diferentiaza de bancile comerciale prezente in Romania si cum au inceput acestea din urma sa devina mai digitale odata cu aparitia Fintech-urilor. Nu am uitat sa trecem in ... go to this episode

87: Conferinta IT Camp

Am discutat in acest episod, impreuna cu Tudor Damian de la ITCamp, despre evenimentul care va avea loc, anul acesta doar online, in data de 8 octombrie 2020. Am aflat putin din istoria ITCamp, ce speakeri vor prezenta si cum unul dintre speakerii pe care eu ii astept era cat ... go to this episode

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