Software Architecture, Development & Outsourcing Services

I've been writing code for more than 15, using various development languages & technologies.

Software Architecture, Development and Outsourcing Done Right

I love building software, coding and powering bits to do whatever the code needs to do. For more than 15, I've been developing software products for various Operating Systems, such as desktop Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) and mobile Operating Systems (iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Android and Windows Mobile), based on my clients' (and sometimes my own) needs.

Software Architecture and Development

Using Agile development methodologies, I architecture and code various software products such as:

Development languages and scripting languages I used the most on various projects I've built*

C# (.NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, Xamarin, Unity)


Visual Basic (.NET Framework), Legacy - 5, 6


PHP (pure, Laravel or CM based - including WordPress)




Swift/Swift UI


SQL (Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft Access)


* There may be other technologies, such as Delphi or the old Pascal, some C and C++ or Java, but I've used those for less than 1% of all projects I've built.
Software Development Outsourcing Services

During my 15 years in the industry, I've worked with clients from more than 14 countries, that rely on my expertise to build their customers' products. They trust my expertise, trust my ethics and they were proven that I can deliver.

Now, in 2020, there are many software products that I've built for my clients, some of them I'm sure you are using without even knowing that these clean, lean software products, apps, web applications or websites were ultimately built by Razvan BURZ as outsourcing projects for some of my many clients.

Software Development Outsourcing Services Include
  • Total privacy, as specified in the Agreement
  • Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • Premium support
  • Preview servers
  • In-house source control systems
  • Redundant source code back-up
Currently taking on WordPress, .NET Core/.NET Framework and PHP projects. Find out more ▸

Technologies I Use & Trust


Since I've started in the tech industry, more than 15 years ago, I've worked, built and consulted clients mainly on the following technologies:


Full services, including consultancy, whatever you choose

Whatever service you choose, I'll provide you with my full expertise, comprising of 15 years in the technology world (I've been a hardware technician, for 3 years, prior to turning to full-time software development). Let's see what works for you.

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